Turn Your Basement, Extra Living Space, or Attic Space Into a Theater

We'll provide you with custom home theater installation services in San Antonio, TX

Going to the movies used to be an enjoyable experience, but increasing ticket prices and noisy, crowded theaters have made this popular pastime inconvenient for families in San Antonio, TX. If you don't want to give up your favorite family activity, hire Certified Construction to convert your basement into a home theater.

From the flooring to the lighting, everything in the room will be optimized for watching movies on the big screen. As part of our custom home theater installation services, we'll set up the...

  • Acoustic insulation and wall panels
  • We work with the latest audiovisual equipment
  • Cinema seats

We can start your home theater installation project once you've given us the green light. Call 210-858-5646 now to set up a meeting with our team members.

Go stargazing every night, regardless of the forecast

Did you know you can turn fiber optic strands into star ceiling lights? Our installation team members in San Antonio, TX can create a replica of the night sky in your home theater to make movie nights even more enjoyable.

Reach out today to learn more about our star ceiling light installation services.